By lodging a thesis in Griffith University Library, a candidate consents to its. 2018!
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    thesis for examination. Prior to submission of the thesis, an Application to Submit Thesis under Lapse of Candidature Regulations request must be submitted and approved by the Dean, Griffith

    Graduate Research School. That is, it is not permissible for an examiner to make any use of the material in a thesis without due acknowledgment; to make copies or to show the thesis to others; or to make use of intellectual property contained. Tardy examiners may be replaced, however this course of action is taken infrequently owing to its potential to delay the procedure further. There are four scenarios that may occur at this stage: You may choose to waive the mandatory embargo of one year. The examination of theses is coordinated by the Thesis Examinations Office what port was assigned for the irc service by iana in the Griffith Graduate Research School. Check the following details via myGriffith: enrolment status maximum submission date (unless approved to submit under lapsed candidature) supervision arrangements thesis title/topic international students: ensure that any outstanding fees/charges are paid prior to the examination of the thesis. Where a candidate expresses an intention to proceed to examination against the advice of the principal supervisor/s, the candidate will sign a statement acknowledging that the thesis has been submitted for examination without the endorsement of the principal supervisor/s. Candidates are advised and doctoral graduates may use the honorific 'Dr'. Resubmission of a revised thesis. Notice of Publication form via myGriffith My research My Candidate Centre). The candidate is responsible for ensuring that they are currently enrolled (and not on any form of leave that involves suspension of candidature) or reinstated (if submitting under the lapsed candidature process) prior to submission of thesis. In exceptional circumstances, when only one examiner is available, that examiner and the Chairperson of Examiners will conduct the oral examination. Such action could be interpreted as an attempt to improperly influence those persons. To access the GU Research Theses Repository: Go to, research Collections ; Select the Griffith University Research Theses tab on the left hand column where you can browse or search by title or author. A candidate may be required to undergo a written examination if, for reasons acceptable to the Dean, Griffith Graduate Research School, the candidate is unable to be present for an oral examination, or it is not possible to assemble sufficient examiners for the purpose. Ensure that there are no missing contents/sections in your thesis, for example: Statement of Originality.

    Lodgement of dissertation after examination griffith: Criminal procedure assignment appeal

    Griffith Graduate Research School ggrs, submit the magic final draft of your thesis to your principal supervisors for final checking and submit the. Student Review and Appeals Policy and. The principal supervisors and Dean Research will be asked to provide explicit advice that the thesis is or will be ready for submission and will not benefit from further work. Candidates who need additional time to complete revisions must apply to the Dean. This is subject to any conditions imposed by the Dean. The examination is conducted in accordance with the procedure for examining MPhil and PhD theses. It is expected that the supervisor will play some part in assisting the candidate to complete the changes. The digital copy of your final thesis is forwarded to the Library for safekeeping for one year there is a mandatory embargo of one year with effect from conferral date. Review of the outcome of the examination. The Chairperson of Examiners will prepare a report on the outcome of the oral or written examination for the Dean.

    To further restrict access to the thesis for a limited time after the examination.Thesis submission and examination.Preparing your thesis Submission of a thesis Guidelines for the nomination of examiners Examination criteria Roles.

    Lodgement of dissertation after examination griffith

    At least two examiners will participate. In summary these options include, who will where possible, during the period of approved restricted access. University policy prohibits candidates and supervisors from initiating assistance contact with customer an examiner or the Chairperson of Examiners or vice versa during the examination of the thesis. Including typographical errors, once the examination has concluded, a candidate cannot withdraw from candidature or withdraw the thesis from examination once the thesis is submitted. Following expiration of the mandatory embargo period. Or The candidature has lapsed, candidature will end when the thesis is submitted for examination. The University will provide continued access to email.

    Requests to restrict access to a thesis on a long-term basis will be approved only in exceptional circumstances.On resubmission of the thesis the principal supervisor must provide a statement that the required revisions have been satisfactorily undertaken.