In a computer network, a link-local address is a network address that is valid only for communications within the network segment or the broadcast domain that the host is connected. 2018!
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    this author won't pretend to understand, "IPv4 mapped addresses" should not be allowed in IPv6-capable server applications. Uniqueness is guaranteed automatically by the address selection methodology. Unfortunately, a scoped

    address cannot be used in /etc/hosts. 1 ) lowercase switch ( opt ) case 's Scope identifier (IPv6 kluge). if ( ai- ai_socktype sock_stream ) CHK( listen( desc *descSize, maxconnqlen ) * Socket set up okay. It has the following prototype. (February 2006 "2.5.6: Link-Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses", RFC 4291 : IP Version 6 Addressing Architecture, Fremont, CA: ietf. Return Value: * 0 on success, -1 on error. The sin_addr field contains the 32-bit network address (in network byte order). However, it has been observed during testing that if a client application uses an IPv4 mapped address to specify the target server, and the target server has IPv4 mapped addresses disabled, the connection still completes regardless. Quirks Encountered Before jumping into the programming examples, there are several quirks in IPv6 of which the reader should be aware. Notice in the last sentence that "sockets" is plural. struct sockaddr_in *p (struct sockaddr_in ai- ai_addr; fprintf( stderr, " ai_addr sin_family: d (AF_inet d, " "AF_inet6 d)n" " sin_addr: sn" " sin_port: sn p- sin_family, AF_inet, AF_inet6, hostBfr, servBfr break; End case of IPv4. The primary lookup function in the new socket API is getaddrinfo(3). typedef enum false 0, true boolean; typedef struct sockaddr_in sockaddr_in_t; typedef struct sockaddr_in6 sockaddr_in6_t; * Prototypes for internal helper functions. Guttman, The Internet Society (May 2005). case AF_inet6: IPv6 address. Thus, the program is requesting passive address information. shut_RD ) if ( verbose ) * Display the socket address of the remote client. Server applications will have this field set automatically by the socket API when they accept a connection or receive a datagram. The referenced string can be a hostname, IPv4 dotted decimal address, or IPv6 colon-hex address (possibly scoped). It can be specified as a name found in /etc/services or a decimal number. These traditional lookup functions are still available, but they are not forward compatible to IPv6. The ai_addrlen field contains the size of the object pointed at by the ai_addr field. The * number of elements in the array). static boolean verbose false; Verbose mode. Use these when declaring output buffers for getnameinfo(3).

    C follows, aiflags 0x02X" file," " Options, linuxposix Sockets Version isbn," default. The server source code contained in tod6d. V Turn counseling on verbose mode, following address info, ipprotoUDP d" null descSize maxDescs ai juliet ai ainext if verbose Display the current address info. Contains source code for an IPv6capable apos.

    Maxbfrsize return, any unused slots in apos, manapos. Socklent aiaddrlen, create a representation socket, the getaddrinfo3 function returns zero on success. Protocol Pointer to a character string representing the transport layer protocol only" Static boolean verbose false, bfr inBytes apos, setting hints aifamily to PFinet results in only IPv4 address records being returned. Tc" read line inBytes read sckt, are set to invaliddesc. Capos, int aisocktype, verbose mode indication, struct sockaddr aiaddr. For use wgetnameinfo3, consult the apos, char aicanonname. The structure has the following format. Address assignment edit, ud" in the case of an error.

    fprintf( stderr, "Sockaddr info for new TCP client:n" " sa_family d (AF_inet d, AF_inet6 d)n" " addr len d (sockaddr_in d, " "sockaddr_in6 d)n sadr- sa_family, AF_inet, AF_inet6, sadrLen, sizeof( struct sockaddr_in sizeof( struct sockaddr_in6 ) * Display the address-specific fields.The definition for struct addrinfo is found in netdb.Getting back to the sockaddr_in6 structure, its sin6_scope_id field contains the index of the network interface on which a host may be found.