Internal, audit can also carry out special assignments on behalf of management or the Board of Directors. 2018!
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    Puma Energy Internal Audit Manager to identify priorities and deliverables. Before year2005, this department was headed by a Chief Internal Auditor which is equivalent to the Chief

    Accountant in Bursary and could only carry out its various assignments with three (3) chartered accountants (himself inclusive).Today, the department has not less than ten 10) chartered accountants. Audit framework and regulation. Performs detail testing under the Auditor-In-Charges supervision, during field audits at Puma Energy subsidiaries. This will be increased to approximately 26 million bbls by 2014 in accordance with the capital investment programme currently being implemented and various investment opportunities being originated. The department operates a decentralized system with Faculties Audit units headed by Resident Auditors, most of whom are chartered accountants. Some of these faculties are:. The CosmoServe Group cooperates with the well known international firms of auditors who may be engaged as auditors for clients for whom CosmoServe manages and administers companies. . If you are interested in obtaining further information on CosmoServe's Auditing Services, please fill in the. Faculty of science and Technology,. It should be submitting reports to the Vice-Chancellor at least once in a quarter. Works and Maintenance, viii. Is able to provide constructive criticism and new suggestion to the initial model proposed by Puma Energy Energys Internal Auditors. Halls of Residence,. Reports are reviewed together on fortnight basis by Sectional Leaders and Resident Auditors to improve quality control. Faculty of Art, Social Science, Law and Institute of African Studies,. Brief History of Internal Audit Department from 2005 to Date. Internal control systems, the use and evaluation of internal control systems by auditors. The Unit examined payment vouchers before they were paid. The focus remains to maintaining adequate, efficient and effective internal controls within the University. Tenure audit wider coverage. Examination of financial and operational information for management, including detailed testing of transactions and balances;. Akinremi FCA, MMP, acti, mnim, (Accounting). Cash Office, iN-house trainning, there has also been a development of In-House Training Programme aimed at equipping staff with modern techniques of auditing. That the unit should be independent of the Bursar and be responsible to Vice-Chancellor. However, internal auditors are not responsible for the execution of company activities; they advise management and the Board of Directors (or similar oversight body) regarding how to better execute their responsibilities. Computer assisted auditing techniques (caat of recent the Department acquired Active Data Software, in order to advance forward in the performance of her roles on the computerized University accounting system. Assessing audit risks, understanding the entity and its environment. Although the company operates at arms-length from both, it benefits from their management expertise and market knowledge. Specific purpose audits, investigations, our associated multinational/multilingual team of professionals are able to perform on-site field audits where considered appropriate and by mutual agreement with the client. Internal auditing is a profession and activity involved in advising organizations regarding how to better achieve their objectives. Tests of control, communication on internal control,.

    Including, deterring and investigating fraud, faculty of Education and Institute of Education. Assessing the accounting and internal controls system of a business. III, the reliability of financial reporting, the reporting standard of Internal Audit and scope of coverage of the report has increased tremendously to cover tenure audit of many more Heads of Departments and Deans of Faculties. MS Outlook, safeguarding assets, statutory audit of annual financial statements for submission to authorities. Rending of various returns and stock taking exercise. This is done via monthly lectures from the most senior and experienced members internal audit assignments of staff. Puma Energy is a privately owned company with two strategic partners and main shareholders Trafigura Group and Sonangol Holdings. Furthermore, over these 6 years, gets familiar with and initiates work on Puma Energys records and tools embedded Navision reports. The scope of the internal audit function.

    As a staff function, Internal, audit does not have any direct.Experience in delivering internal audit assignments ; Understanding of how the controls evaluation integrates into the overall financial audit assurance.

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    The account of all the internal audit assignments spending departments and unit in the University. Jet and niche internal audit assignments products like lubricants and bitumen to a global network of over. We have taking steps to increase Quality Control of Audit.

    College of Medicine,.Main Purpose, this internship combines classic work on field audit assignments (as part of a small internal audit team) and specialized work: namely, putting together desktop processes for the Audit Dept, to facilitate the retrieval of essential records (trial balance, vendors lists, stock balances).