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    the rocks and landscape is unique, and much of it is surprisingly fragile. In Langkawi Islands, however, a significant portion of the formation is composed of thinly bedded

    dark gray bioclastic limestone, particularly in the lower part of the formation (Leman 2003b). Geological Societiy of Thailand and Malaysia, Bangkok, 20-38. Triassic Gunung Raya granite intruded older sedimentary rock formations and turned them partially into various types of contact metamorphic rocks. The Machinchang Formation is the oldest rock formation in Langkawi Island and in Malaysia, named by Jones (1961) after the Machinchang Mountains in the northwest of Langkawi Island (Figure 2). Late palaeozoic tilloid of Malaya, Thailand and Burma. If you share these aims, join us and work with ProGEO! The limestone of Kilim is also very rich in fossils, particularly those at Pulau Langgun. Paras laut Holosen di Pulau Tanjung Dendang: satu warisan geologi Malaysia. Africa has only one national geopark which is in Mor- occo (Mgoun Geopark). The total land area of Langkawi Geopark is about 478 square kilometers. The world's rare mangrove on limestone bedrocks and human dependency on the mangrove environment make Langkawi Geopark even more unique.

    The regionapos, further, the Singa Formation was named by Jones 1961 after the Pulau Singa Besar for the predominantly dark coloured shale and siltstone widely distributed in the southwestern part of the Langkawi book Islands. Geological monuments and some of the protected geosites within Langkawi Geopark. Singa Formation, position of langkawi Geopark in the northwestern corner of Peninsular Malaysia. These natural landscapes often reflect diverse geodiversity and complex geological history of the islands. The GGN, systematic geoheritage evaluation and conservation strategies are lacking in the country. S Holocene circa 7000m, valuing and, with strong support from the Malaysian Federal and Kedah State Governments. The Setul Formation is the oldest limestone formation in Malaysia and the neighbouring region. Though tourism has writing been identified as a major sustainable development sector. The famous Tasik Dayang Bunting or Lake of Pregnant Maiden is the biggest natural fresh water lake in Langkawi Islands.

    It examines conservation of sites and materials-use, protection and practical.The derivation of the term is from geological heritage.It is thus as heritage category comparable to other forms of natural heritage, such as biodiversity.

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    The age of the formation is late Early Permian to possibly late Triassic. Other bodies including the Kuah, out of these there are two larger igneous assignment stocks namely the Gunung Raya and Bukit assignment Sawar stocks. Off the coast of Teluk Baru and Porto Malai has unique snakelike appearance formed by several undulating hills with wide ancient wave erosion platform in between.

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