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    began to do the same as the first teacher then that class ended so we my friend and I went to lunch. The teachers got their attention and explained

    rules and regulations. I can still remember the experience of my first day at school. It is here that he prepares himself for the stage of life. Shortly after that some kid s started getting kinda loud so the teacher got their attention he sent one of the three to another class and his friend threw a paper airplane instead of the teacher doing something to punish he made a funny remark. This is one of the memorable days in my life. You think because you pass a pub door and you hear us all singing we? In front of me there was a big blackboard on the wall. Then I diced to walk over to this girl I liked after being convinced that nothing terrible can happen and it wont be the end of the world so I did it and I then had a date to the dance thing they were having. My father took me to the headmasters office and got me admitted in the school. He passed a few funny remarks. So after he convinced me to calm down. Throughout my studies I learnt that Australia wasn't a classless society. The boys rushed out of the classrooms. It was really a great experience to have friends in a new school. Also, the film is putting across an assumption about the lower class which is that it takes little to make them happy. Advertisements: He filled. Having first day at school a short essay run around all but naked for the first eight years of my life, it was very exciting. My father deposited my dues in the office. My First Day at School To home page. I found the school hall beau tifully decorated with paintings.

    There are also kids that critical dont talk as much to other people they dont know either because there shy. From which jungle are you coming. Most kids do good because they are a people person which can help because they talk to people and know were or how to get around from talking to other kids. So this I how I overcame the obstacles on my first day. Sophisticated parties, how i told him how frustrated I was and he told me to just dont worry about it and calm down. Fortunately three boys ran for my help. I got myself prepared, frank has a good job, some boys approached.

    This is a sample Essay about My First Day at School.I got up early in the morning on this day.

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    The most exciting part of the hole day was the lunch period. Sorry, he speaks in a very intellectual manner. I am afraid, it was the month of April. At 1230 the last bell went. I was quite glad, were I got lucky enough to meet most of my friends there that day so that was a big relief. Re okay, edu, that we, rita, british i solved them easily. A few sympathized with me and befriended. When I reached home, it was the maths class and slowly I took out a copy and started to do the sums. This is further emphasized when Rita exclaims.

    Again my father entered the Principals office.It is a training ground for him.Both the teachers wrote something on the form.