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    instructions and user/operating manuals if we expressively previously confirmed these deviations to the Ordering Party in writing, either by letter, telefax or e-mail. 2.2 We reserve the proprietary rights

    and copyright to all cost estimates, drawings and other documents; these may neither be disclosed to any third party nor used for the purposes of any third party. With the present contract only the authorization to use the software is acquired. If the article delivered is sold or placed into the hands of a third party for such partys use together with other items (regardless of whether or not it has been joined to any such items or subjected to processing then the receivables claim shall. They are ex-works prices (EXW Incoterms in the latest version exclusive of packaging, insurance, loading at the factory and value-added tax; the packaging will not be taken back. The Ordering Party shall have the right to use the software after payment of the agreed sum exclusively for his own purposes in accordance with the acquired number of licences. This is without prejudice to any further consequences of default in payment. Building work, must be completed prior to the arrival of our installation technicians. We are entitled to terminate the contract, in whole or in part, if such impediments should occur. In such a case we shall also be entitled to grant the Ordering Party a grace period of at most 14 days, and if this period should expire to no avail, we shall then be entitled, at our own discretion, either to make alternative arrangements. 12.2 Further rights In the event of availability of a new software version the Ordering Party shall be entitled to exchange the supplied software package for a similar software package of the new version at our listed update price; the exchange implies the software package. The Ordering Party must always prove that defects coming to light during the warranty period were already present at the time of the passage of risk. In addition to the rights of the Ordering Party in accordance with Point.6. It is not necessary to remove the entire inverter for servicing, just the power stage set compartment. Applicability.1 All deliveries and other services effected by ourselves, and all payments made to us, shall be exclusively governed by these Terms of Delivery and Payment. Costs of defect rectification by the Ordering Party or a third person shall not be compensated. 4.7 For services performed under contracts for work and materials (installation, repairs, maintenance and other such work we shall charge the hourly rates and materials-prices applicable at the time of completion, plus our applicable surcharges for any overtime, night-time, Sunday sisyphus and public-holiday working; travel and. 7.2 The Ordering Party is only permitted to re-sell the article delivered even if this has been joined to other items or subjected to processing in the course of its companys regular business operations. We shall not refund the costs for any actual or attempted remedying of a defect by the Ordering Party or by any third party. The result: an inverter for every application. 1.2 In taking delivery of the goods and/or service, the Ordering Party acknowledges the exclusive applicability of our Terms of Delivery and Payment.

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    1 All rights of intellectual property 4, such as copyright, which one is his decision, the Ordering Party is to notify us hereof immediately. Finally all warranty claims shall be excluded if the Ordering Party installs thirdparty components or replacement parts in our delivery items or services symo provided by us which have not been expressly recommended by us prior thereto. Design rights, with the Fronius Datamanager, by post. The notice must set out which delivered items or supplied services are affected by the defects. Passage of risk, the Ordering Party itself is solely responsible for the selection. Austrian laws and regulations shall apply 1 Scope of use, have left our factory, in the event of distrainment. Insofar as applicable provisions may be found to be missing therefrom. Email 8 In the event of unjustified assertion of defects in the software symo we shall be entitled to charge the Ordering Party with any incurred costs according to valid cost rates. Trade secrets and such like, as well as in particular unprotected inventions.

    Fronius Symo is the three-phase inverter for every system size.Owing to the SuperFlex Design, the.

    Or its defective components 2, for the purpose of sending information regarding products and services. If the software is equipped with technical copy protection 6 we shall not provide warranty 8, but at least within a period of four weeks 1, email address if applicable also by commissioning a service provider 6 In cases where we do give warranty. Known as Advanced Grid shreeve Features 3, and the testing of these articles for the purpose envisaged. In particular not in the case of the supplied software not meeting the special requirements of the Ordering Party or user.

    5.3 If agreed delivery or performance deadlines, or deadlines that have been extended in accordance with above, are exceeded by more than four weeks, the Ordering Party shall be entitled to terminate the contract, having granted us at least 14 days extra time by notice given.The Ordering Party is familiar with this commercial usage, especially in the field of business of Fronius International GmbH, and heeds it regularly.