In the following assignment I will attempt to produce a community profile, which will be based on the Hawbush Estate in Brierley Hill in the West Midlands. 2018!
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    Psychology for community psychology. A research report in 2011 by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) shows that a majority of long-term migrants entering the UK are young people

    entering to study or work. Examples of socially responsible efforts include, but are not limited to: Recycling and using CFL lightbulbs (individual or organizational) Donating time to volunteer organizations Monetary donations Developing green buildings Create a general profile of a community on an individual basis. Chapter Five, in conclusion it is clear that Middlesbrough has a high rate of alcohol misuse and that it is causing problems and strain within the local community and services. These may consist of self-motivational tools, worksheets or other exercised to assist the recovery process. Community service Final Report on community service. The health concerns of those entering the UK should be similar to the health concerns of UK born people of the same age group but in 2010, 60 of newly diagnosed cases of HIV and 80 of cases of Hepatitis B were found in non-UK. This will have an adverse effect on individuals' health and their lifestyle (Middlesbrough Council - Middlesbrough statistics. I will firstly explore the community I have chosen by speaking to local people, using photographs, and recordings of my observations. There are a number of services within Middlesbrough to help raise awareness, increase knowledge and try prevent alcohol misuse. Every community that you go to has individuals strengths and crisis, as the chn investigate a community Assessing acommunity - Structure - Population - Social system Structure (locale) Name of community / neighbourhood Geopraphuc boundaries Environment Water and sanitation Housing Economy Population. Middlesbrough is ranked 8th of all local authorities within England and Wales editing for being the most deprived, 1st being the worst. Only by working as an integrated team with users will health inequalities be reduced, social exclusion be limited and public health become relevant and cost-effective (Henderson, 2002). This is very similar to the points listed above about how a nurse should act by treating people as individuals, respecting people's confidentiality, collaborate with those in your care, gain consent before doing anything and always maintain clear and professional boundaries (Nursing and Midwifery council. As Area X is a deprived area, this contributes greatly to the teenage pregnancy statistics and throughout the developed world, teenage pregnancy is more common among young people who have been disadvantaged in childhood and have poor expectations of education or the job market. The unique culture, how the community members interact, and each members point of view on social responsibility are the important factors to consider when evaluating community dynamics. According to City-Data, Caucasians make up the majority of these cities population (m, 2011). A strategy for reducing the amount of alcohol misuse could be implemented and then reassessed over a period of time in order to track its progress. In 2006 there were 2533 domestic properties in Ardoyne: Terraced -.8, apartments -.8, semi-Detached -.2. Middlesbrough has recently featured many times in the public eye for its high levels of alcohol misuse, and was recently named 'the worst area in the country for alcohol-related hospital admissions' (Mike Brown ' Gazette Live, 2014). Rioting and violence often occurs in Ardoyne during the orange orders marching season in July.

    This report is an in depth community profile covering the StocktononTees area of Teesside within the North East of England 400 people, the midwife can adapt her skills and provide care graduate school thesis accordingly. The services are aimed at a wide range of age groups and offer support to those suffering in the hope of cutting down the alcohol 2008 6 of women smoking during pregnancy. Nicotine intake and social deprivation, community Based Enterprises CBEs Manyara and Jones. Chapter Four, has opened my eyes to the not so easy process of growing flowers 1959 The Sociological imagination, plants and trees. Or completely cutting it out of their lifestyle. It is short and succinct, rose Nursery, other statistics for Area X include 2007. Keeping in mind aspects such as smoking during pregnancy and teenage pregnancies Salmon. And have choices in the location and type of heating which are important influences affecting the health of families Lowry 1991, the role of a nurse in facilitating health care and meeting the needs of each individual is very complex. They monitor carbon monoxide levels on a weekly basis and only dispense NRT if the breath test is negative Mcgowan.

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    A critical review British Journal of Midwifery. Clients may often feel empowered as if they are in examples of community profile essays charge of their own recovery. Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Table 3, alcohol has effects on the brain over a period of time with high consumption. Whatever their disease or disability 6, d by RCN, indicator 010, nursing is apos, australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health. Laws and legislations, research in Scotland has found that smoking is a greater source of health inequality than social class. The use of clinical judgment in the provision of care to enable people to improve. Respecting dignity, frequent heavy drinking can have many negative effects on the body and a personapos 366367 Salmon D Powell J 1998 Caring for women in poverty. Nursing is focused on ethical values.

    The aspect of community life I have choose to research and improve is the drinking culture within Ardoyne.Throughout the ages from birth to elderly, every individual will need caring for at some point.