ETL 503, reflective Blog Post, assignment 2b January 31, 2015 Melissa The process of evaluating and developing a model collection has been hugely beneficial as I have not worked in a school library before. 2018!
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    be used as a starting point for students. The topics include information related to the following curriculum content: acdseh002, acdseh033, acdse129 Accuracy Material is up-to-date Treatment Interactive presentation of

    information will gauge the interest of targeted students. They require as a matter of course an education in copyright and it helps if they see this through the point of view of a creator (. Retrieved from The Australian Curriculum website: Booktopia. Appropriateness, is at a reading level suitable for targeted students from low SES, ELA/D and/or Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders background. Using this professional learning network does not replace local judgement (Hughes-Hassell Mancall,.48) and a plot summary, which does not analyse, synthesise or evaluate a text is not useful (Hughes-Hassell Mancall, 2005,.46) but if one wisely and widely selects from the platforms and materials. 1 was useful as it has an abundance of different resources as well as an advanced search option which allows for users to get specific results. This resource meets the general selection criteria in the following ways: Primary considerations Criteria How criteria has been met Appropriateness Coincides with textbook which correlates with the Australian Curriculum. Collection management for youth: Responding to the needs of learners : American essay Library Association. Format Only compatible with iPad when viewed with in Puffin Web Browser Free app (CloudMosa Inc., 2013). Retrieved from m/au/genre/ios/id36?mt8 Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority. 2 was useful as it has an advanced search option which allows the user to get specific results which saves time. A teacher librarian is placed in the role of promoting and educating staff and students on copyright, especially digital resources (. The collection program in schools: concepts, practices and information sources (4th.) (pp. Part C: Reflection on Resourcing the Curriculum. Ifla, 2013) highlights the need for information literacy and questions the roles of the library in joining patrons and information together. . Social medias inter-connectivity has an incredibly positive influence if thoughtfully applied and the essential role of the library is to connect people to resources. . Compatible with school computers. The option to view it in the curriculum again makes it specific and easy to use. I commented, There is so much to learn about copyright! The resources selected have been compared to selection criteria adapted from Hughes-Hassell Mancalls (2005,. This resource meets the general selection criteria in the following ways: Primary considerations Criteria How criteria has been met Appropriateness Content is not appropriate for the learners level, however is appropriate for teachers who can manipulate the information into a form that is suitable for.

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    Mancall, charting new directions in information p 12, many images are included to help explain the text. The contents and link to the website was also helpful in identifying the usefulness of this resource 5, retrieved from Morris, the app is free, retrieved from. Libraries in the twentyfirst interesting century, copying, org HughesHassell 2009.

    Appropriateness Content is detailed, this resource doesnt meet the solar system essay topics general selection criteria in the who prepares assignment of lease following ways. Ml Advertisements 2 was useful as it has an advanced search option which allow for the user to get specific results. The review tab also proved valuable as an unbiased opinion was provided. Interactiveshistoryegypt This resource is an interactive website. Information coincides with unit topics, ml scis Catalouge, this resource meets the general selection criteria in the following ways. Scope Presents information about the contents of the British museum which doesnt relate to the unit or curriculum. It is targeted at grades. The intended audience is the general population. Primary considerations Criteria How criteria hasnt been met Appropriateness Below the targeted students development level.

    Cost involved.99.Selection aids 6 and 7 were used to locate this resource.I agree with Crottys comments, stating that.