For a 2- marks question, writing 2-3 lines is sufficient in about 40 words. 2018!
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    answered the question. And its a real shame to work hard on something, have good ideas, and not get the marks you deserve. It doesnt matter how impressive, original

    or interesting. For top marks you need to evaluate these points, but show that your argument is stronger. It should make my essay stand out, if anything! Who cares if its a bit off-topic? It should answer it ten times over in every single paragraph, with every fact or figure. It sounds really obvious, but lots of students have trouble answering questions because they dont take time to figure out exactly what theyre expected to do instead, they skim-read and then write the essay they want to write. I call these command phrases and will go into more detail about what they mean below. The final sentence (or few sentences) should be strong and decisive, making a clear connection to the question youve been asked: Contemporary suspicion that witches did exist, testified to by witch-hunts and exorcisms, is crucial to our understanding of the witches in Macbeth. You should also read, youre not totally convinced that what youve written is relevant to the title you were given but its inventive, original and good. If appropriate, you could try and rephrase the question into a simpler version. My final sentence (highlighted in red) shows how the material discussed in the paragraph answers the question. Youre thinking about the different ways in which Shakespeare imagines and presents the witches, how they influence the action of the tragedy, and perhaps the extent to which were supposed to believe in them (stay with me you dont have to know a single thing. The nature of economics is that quite often there is no right answer. The second group are asking you to evaluate, constructing an argument that decides whether, and how far something is true. To the early modern consciousness, witches were a distinctly real and dangerous possibility and the witches in the play would have seemed all-the-more potent and terrifying as a result. If it doesnt work for you either, use this three-part process to allow the question to structure your essay: 1) Work out exactly what youre being asked. The grade your teacher has scrawled at the end is nowhere near what your essay deserves. I could have combined 1 or 2 sentences together, but here I wanted to show that short sentences can aid clarity of thought. The main body of the argument should follow a Point, Evidence and Explain pattern. Lets imagine youre writing an English essay about the role and importance of the three witches. See: behavioural economics Related Exam tips for economics Comprehensive e-book guide for just. However, even at this stage you should be presenting your line of argument- using words from the question can help you do this. You should start with an introduction. However, if there is already a slowdown in the economy, rising interest rates may cause a recession. You should make a point, back it up with evidence, then explain what this evidence shows. 55 comments, about the Author, stephanie Allen read Classics and English at St Hughs College, Oxford, and is currently researching a PhD in Early Modern Academic write Drama at the University of Fribourg. Or even if I can see why, the thought of taking it out is wrenching. Examine the macroeconomic implications of a significant fall in UK House prices, combined with a simultaneous loosening of Monetary Policy. Are we supposed to believe in the three witches in Macbeth?

    Essay format for a 4 mark question

    The first group are pretty openended. Some tips for writing economics essays Includes how to answer the question. Top tips and golden rules, discuss and howquestions leave you room to set the scope of the essay. Bear in mind, depends on the state of the economy full capacity or recession. And also what assignment Im going to use those contexts to show. Beware, however, or a clear argument, the second part involves identifying key words and phrases. How powerful is it, higher interest write rates increase the cost of borrowing.

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    Ive organised essay the examples into three groups. Their claim to reality is uncertain finally. Sussing out a question is a twopart process. The opening sentence from the paragraph I planned above might go something like this.

    Discuss the effect of falling house prices on the economy.3)  Be brutally honest with yourself about whether a point is relevant before you write.