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    in ways that were never before possible. A prime example of this is the amount of online university courses available to students, covering a myriad of subjects, that up

    until recently were unavailable to most learners. Structure Introduction Sentence 1- Paraphrase Question Sentence 2- Outline Sentence Main Body Paragraph 1 Sentence 1- State One Advantage Sentence 2- Expand/Explain Advantage Sentence 3- Example british Sentence 4- Result Main Body Paragraph 2 Sentence 1- State One Disadvantage Sentence 2- Expand/Explain Disadvantage Sentence 3- Example. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? The five most common ielts Writing Task 2 questions are: Opinion (Agree or Disagree advantages and Disadvantages. Nearly all of my Task 2 essay follow this basic structure: The sentences you put in each paragraph will depend on what type of question you get. For more detail on how to answer problem and solution questions please visit our problem and solution lesson. You would then explain and discuss the evidence and different points of view regarding the issue. These are just the ones I think are most effective and easiest to learn. Sentence 3- Outline Sentence (This essay will discuss.).

    There two factors came top of a recent job satisfaction survey conducted. But you must use relevant ideas and use these ideas well to answer the question. In a discussion, introduction, a fair salary and benefits are also important considerations because if you feel you are being underpaid you will either resent your bosses or look for another job. Essay, final year position Challenge Essay challenge, a good structure will help you answer the question to some extent and boost your score for coherence and cohesion.

    You should spend a bout 40 minutes.Write about the following topic: Task 2 A person s worth.The final Essay type is the commentary Essay.

    Discuss both sides of this argument and then give your own opinion. Writing Task 1 Writing Task 2 Speaking Vocabulary Reading Listening Tips ielts Preparation. Now that you know the structures you should check out our task 2 sample answers to see how they have been used in practice. Introducing the British Councils How to Write an Argumentative Essay animated video series. TwoPart Questions Typical Question Words There will normally be a statement council and they will then ask you to answer to separate questions. Ielts Essay Structures, factorial, in conclusion, teenagers should be made to partake council in unpaid work as part of their schooling because it will help them learn things they wouldnt ordinarily learn from their teachers and it will also boost their chances of getting into third.

    Exposition discussion challenge factorial consequential commentary thesis issue challenge state state text(s) introduction supporting arguments alternative arguments arguments contributory factors ensuing factors comments restate thesis final position thesis summary thesis summary thesis summary, in an expository, essay, you would start by presenting your thesis  as.Some people believe that unpaid community service should be a compulsory part of high school programmes (for example working for a charity, improving the neighborhood or teaching sports to younger children).