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    is an age of cut-throat competitions. Thus, the moral of the story is that honesty is always rewarding. It is the real property that a person earns in life

    which nobody can take away. Why Honesty is the Best Policy? Being honest to anyone makes the mind free from worries, tension and stress of being caught in the wrong things and for saying lies. The moral of the story is that lying leads us to trouble and once you lie no one believes you even when you speak the truth. It shows your self-acceptance and self-worth in life. Honesty and sincerity is very appealing and attractive. It is certainly the reflection of your thoughts and feelings. It helps to bring stability in life and lot of happiness. So in any aspect of life, it is important to be honest or it may seriously harm not only us but others as well. We all are aware of the story, The Boy Who Cried Wolf which is the story of a little shepherded boy who plays a prank to cry wolf and watch people come to save him. These two places where a child learns more ethics. Honest people easily attract and influence others towards commerce assignment coversheet them. It gives you confidence and allows you to set realistic goals in life. Retrieved 09:38, November 28, 2018, from. One can cheat or betray others but how can one lie to oneself. Honesty is the best policy refers to the importance of honesty in life. A dishonest man thinks that he will become rich by dishonest means. Conclusion, so, we have been learning from parents, teachers and by observing and understanding the consequences of honesty and dishonesty that the former always wins over the later. Imbibing this ensures the absence of immoral characteristics such as lying, cheating and theft. Honesty in a person shows the reflection of their minds goodness.

    Honesty is the sign of strength and gives you long term benefits. When some say you an honest person it is the best compliment for you. Even God is unhappy with him. The people show that they are honest but in reality. We always expect others to be honest so the same way others expect us to be honest. From childhood we are taught many moral values one of which is to always speak the truth in our can essays be written in first person day to day life as it is a positive attribute.

    Find paragraph, long and short essay on Honesty is the Best Policy for your Kids.We hope these Honesty is the Best Policy paragraph will help students in completing their school assignments.The proverb Honesty is the best policy is a very meaningful proverb that refers to the importance and.

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    It will certainly give rise to many troubles and chaos in life. He ruins structure the whole system of society. Honesty is the code of conduct that connotes positive attribute of a person such as truthfulness. Teachers and other people around, being honest and expressing yourself freely makes you feel great. There is a lack of honesty in the society is the biggest gap among people. If you believe in yourself and value yourself then you would voice your true opinion and express yourself. Honesty brings confidence in the people and they can easily win the other peoples about confidence in the society. It is vital to use the tool of honesty wisely to influence people optimistically and not to harm or discourage them. This made the woodcutter very upset and he started weeping and praying God to help him as the only source of his livelihood was axe.

    Honest Outside Honest Inside: If you choose to be honest in life with others it is important first of all to be honest with yourself.It reflects your respect for others and for yourself.