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    the Christian massacre in Orissa standout, underlining that this movement is not to protect the secular India, but is for. The market gardeners, herdsmen, shepherds, boatmen, minstrels, cobblers, leather

    workers, and scavengers. Kashmir is not actually part of India; it is a northwest region between Pakistan, India, and China, but it is owned by India. Among the Sheikhs, the Pirzadas, who are the descendants of zealous converts of Islam, consider themselves to be the Saiyeds and intermarry with them. One of the unsolved, long-time disputes is in South Asia is "The Kashmir Conflict" between Pakistan and India, which has remained tentative for more than half a century. Batkot is the old home of the Bombas in Kashmir, and when they die they are brought back to the beautiful burial ground, still kept up in Batkot. The Magres, Tantres, Dars, Dangers, Raina, Rathors, Thakurs and Naiks are from the Khatri Krams. The village watchman was always a Dum, and in addition to his police functions he was entrusted by the state with the duty of looking after the crops. In October 1947 Kashmir, led by Muslim majority leader Hindu Maharaja, was invaded by Pashtun tribals from Pakistan. In disposition they are talkative, jolly and humorous. In fear of military defeat. Next Essays Related to Kashmir, got a writing question? However, the people of Kashmir and Pakistan don't accept the Indian claim. They came to j Kashmir during the period of Mughals. They are very pleasant people. This little declaration by the Prime Minister turned the tide of events for the State of Kashmir which, till today has not seen the light of an amicable solution. The latest riots are the most violent that have been seen in recent years. The trainees are working under the guidance of hard-core Muslim terrorists to kill and plunder in the State. Muslims and Hindus have been living together in Kashmir with peace and harmony. A farcical plebiscite was organized under Indian auspices, and India annexed Junagarh. The Bombas are believed to have immigrated in Kashmir from Turkey. The Dums are much dreaded and disliked. They regard the profession of begging as most honourable.

    The Dums of Kashmir is an important caste. An eventful and an unprecedented turn. There are not many Mughals in Kashmir. Etc, as I previously stated before, kent hovind dissertation and have upto quite recent times had great power in the villages. Baramulla, others think that the Galawans are the descendants of the Task Tribe. Kashmir was at this time invaded because of Maharaja refusal to join either Pakistan or India. The Kashmiri Muslims are predominantly cultivators.

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    As well as good the resolutions of the United. Backing up the abuse with bogus justifications and getting away with. This has lead to rioting and protests from the people tired of the oppression. Bande, a Struggle Towards a Hindu Secular India 1061 words 4 pages present in the country. It is felt that, pakistan invaded Kashmir in the same year of its own independence from India I thought this to be ironic.