The old - age problem is a product of mechanised world and is not. 2018!
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    whom he dedicates his life and his earnings, do not find time for him. (Morgan Kunkel 2007, Page 11) Hillier and Borrow describe ageism as An aversion, hatred, and

    prejudice towards the aged and its manifestation in the form of discrimination on the basis of age. Furthermore, the erosion of moral values has also aggravated the situation. Diseases both minor and major always follow them and their waking hours are preoccupied with symptoms and pills, diets and therapies. We are no more able to perform our routine bodily functions with the same ease. He finally has time to live-sit in shade/reliving the good old times/letting bad memories fade. Indeed the loneliness and neglect associated with the old age is a rather recent phenomenon. He becomes dependent to others largely due to his physical infirmity. Children of wealthy people become impatient to acquire the etc., held by the aged person. Also with the women working out come their attitudes towards the elders, for, today, the working women do not take the elders as their duty but as useless appendages in the family. One of the major problems is the financial constraint which is really more difficult in case of those old persons who are not entitled to any social security and have no source of income, completely depending on their spouse or children. Why are old age homes a symbol of societal ingratitude? This plays havoc with the lives of the elderly. People of this consumer culture do not have sufficient money to provide financial support to their parents; neither do they take it as their moral responsibility. The problem of loneliness and isolation is the gift of modern society. Old, age, homes/ Day Care Centres/ Elder Residential Complexes For many older people who don't have a roof over their heads or a place to call their own, HelpAge-supported old age homes amp; day care centres are safe havens where they can live their lives. As Thomas Merton, a catholic author rightly said, These people, who live the evening of their lives in old age homes live unloved and die unmourned. It has been working towards helping transform old age homes into composite shelters which go beyond providing simply a roof and meeting the basic needs of the elderly. An old person becomes a hunch back. Can we be so mean and selfish? Old age and retirement Essay.course. A partition of sorts takes place. He simply lies down in some obscure corner of the palatial house which he had once built and in which he is now expected not to show himself too often. I still felt alive but at the same time I lived long enough to learn from my mistakes. (Hillier Borrow, 2010, Page 459) The term Ageism was first coined by Robert Butler, the first Director of the National Institute on Ageing, in 1968. December 2007 saw the inauguration of the first ever Habitat built by HelpAge for elderly Tsunami victims namely parts "Tamaraikulam." This was made. The society forces an old person to live like an island. These words of Elbert Hubbard are true to the situation, where parents do too much for their children, the children will do not much for themselves. Even his virtues become major vices. Obviously, the absence of near and dear ones and the lack of their love and affection are the causes. But the worst is the condition of those women who have lost their husbands.

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    It is the family atmosphere, wisdom, s years. Freedom pass for older people in Britain is from age 60 and above and For donkeyapos. In fact, for the biology of ageing, as if to proclaim at the beat of drum that this person has grown old. It is ironical that however undesirable the old age. If he falls old ill, they do not know whether he is there or not or whether he is alive or dead. The causes of oldage problems lead us to find some solution. His sons and daughtersinlaw do not pay any attention to him. The age at which you can claim your state pension benefits has been 65 for men and 60 for women. The very concept of an old age home is new to India.

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    They cannot kill him straightaway because Ahimsa nonviolence iscreed. Earlier, being grossly involved in the where pursuit of their own career problems. A sense of despair glooms over all big his pleasant feelings.

    Now with the improvement in longevity, old-age is said to in after retirement or around the age of sixty.Why are we considering our older relatives as a burden on us?Our culture recognizes the status of the parents as that of God. .