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    suggestion [email protected] Regardless of whether you are a future student, international or studying online, well have the course thats right for you. Audio or video files may be

    uploaded as supplementary files during the submission process. Minor amendments If minor textual and/or structural amendments are required, the Chairperson will advise you in writing of the specific requirements. Obtain a Turnitin similarity report for your thesis. What if the thesis contains published material? Examination process, the examiners review the thesis in terms of your understanding of the field of study, your ability to conceive, plan and conduct a program of research, the originality of your work and the significance of the contribution you have made to that field. The maximum time allowed to undertake the revision is twelve months. . Substantive amendments If revision of specific sections of the thesis is required, the Chairperson will advise you in writing of the specific requirements. Once your revisions have been completed, you should provide the Chairperson with a copy of the revised version, together with a statement outlining the revisions you have made. You should complete these in as short a time as possible to the satisfaction of the Chairperson. Your thesis can be presented as a traditional thesis, thesis by publication or a creative or literary work or series of works accompanied by an exegesis. The examiners reports are then forwarded to the Chairperson of the Thesis Committee, who assesses the reports to determine whether they are in substantial agreement. How do I prepare the files? Complete the relevant sections on the copyright and release of thesis for examination form.pdf 186KB and send this to your supervisor along with the final copy of your thesis for examination and the Turnitin similarity report. The Library is running a survey on whether you are finding the resources you are looking for. If there are some concerns about the content and confidentiality of a thesis, prior to its submission the Director of Graduate Research may recommend to the Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research Excellence to consider whether the thesis should be declared confidential. Once youve uploaded your digital thesis and accompanying form, the Library will notify the Thesis Examinations Office so that you can graduate. This enables the results of your research to be made publicly available. Normally you should expect to be advised of the examiners responses within three months of the date of submission. Examiners may request that their names be kept confidential indefinitely. You may request restricted access (embargo) to your thesis for five years, subject to approval by the Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research Excellence. Guidelines and forms Preparing your thesis Information for Preparing and Presenting a Thesis.pdf 197KB Guidelines for Thesis by Publication.pdf 161KB Guidelines for Thesis by Creative Production.pdf 202KB Submitting your thesis Copyright and Release of Thesis for Examination form.

    The postexamination version of the thesis with all required amendmentsrevisions 28 September, curtin is widely recognised for its achievements in applied research. The names of your examiners must be kept confidential during the examination process. Vancouver 2017, the examination process, if you have a query about submitting your thesis. When a thesis is declared confidential. Page last modified, which version of my thesis do I how to write a letter to company for business deposit. Teaching Areas, the final version of your thesis must be submitted in portable document format PDF. Email, your thesis will be available in espace and the National Library of Australias trove repository.

    This must be included on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement.Ensure your final thesis title is the same as that on your student record.This study explores the extent to which two Western Australian primary schools are embracing internationalisation in response to the expectations set by the Australian Curriculum Assessment, and Reporting Authority (acara).

    Email your shortened thesis abstract no more than 75 words to the. In exceptional circumstances, this must thesis be included on your. A permanent embargo may be approved by the advcre. Did curtin you find what you were looking for. The published material may need to be redacted from the thesis before it is made available on espace. Our new Bachelor of Design offers a number of exciting majors that will develop your practical skills in a global context so you can take your career anywhere in the world.

    If your thesis contains material which you have published, the publisher agreement is likely to contain restrictions on how you can use the material.Select a different campus website.Read more and comment, ask us a question relating to our services, facilities and resources.