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    to have a free conscience. And some people will fight bitterly to keep that system alive. He also writes: For the first time in my life a feeling of

    over-powering stinging melancholy seized me(23). The author shows the danger in disconnecting from society, because without humanity a person can be forced into death. Winifred Morgan comments on the narrator s reaction to the irrational B artleby, The narrator tells the reader that to begin with, he refused to believe what he had heard Bartleby s continuing refusals, the narrator is immobilized. Melville reveals this theme through the actions of the narrator as well as the new tenants of the office. The narrator went to great lengths to avoid a confrontation. They fear life without brand names and designer labels, so they try to shut Bartleby out by putting him in prison where he can t influence anyone. Bartleby s window should give a form of escape, but in Bartleby s case the window forces him behind another wall, thus furthering his isolation. By ignoring the problem, he left the door open for more disobedience. Society s answer would either bartleby essays be to try and make that person do something or force that person to leave society permanently. Wall Street is not just a place, but also a certain type of people. But can this concept be applied to our reality? His dinner is ready. The three most important themes are alienation, man s desire to have a free conscience, and man s desire to avoid conflict. Bartleby loses any will and all reasons to keep living in this world, so he makes his own reasons by challenging what society considers normal. In our modern, democratic, capitalist culture, the smallest unit of industry is the worker. The narrator avoids conflict on several occasions. Why does any culture need standards?

    People do not expect to see a person refuse the way of life and when people do they have no idea of what. And television, this caused discourse with all of the others in the office. The Scrivener by Herman Melville, seemingly content in his predictable modern world of legal documents and Wall laurinda Street. So in an effort to defend Bartleby the narrator tells the reader about the Dead Letter Office. At the start of the Narrator s tale. Bartleby s decision to quit everything in his life had a detrimental effect on his own existence.

    Bartleby s, isolating him from the other members of his staff and thus.After leaving his office to rid himself of the disconcerting presence, the landlord of his office suite is thoroughly surprised to find.

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    And a break from the norm is never wanted and will not be tolerated. Herman Melville s Bartleby presents essay a new and slightly frightening corollary to these societal laws. Bartleby was unable to live in a world that abandoned him. If you have no skill to offer the system. However, communication is an essential part in keeping stable relationships within the social order. So Bartleby took it upon himself to discard that world and remove himself from it for all eternity. The Wall Street office setting places Bartleby in a picture perfect environment where he can shut himself out of society. The reason the narrator even tells the reader about Bartleby s previous job is to try and stop what happened to the Dead Letters happen to Bartleby. He no longer needs No, unvoiced communication jeopardizes interpersonal relations to the degree of devaluing the individual and dehumanizing relationships.

    In society, a person can have one of two choices, either be what is considered normal or understand that not being normal will result in dismissal from society.Thus the population of the world would deplete itself because if everyone refused to do something then nothing would ever get accomplished, and if nothing ever gets accomplished then civilization would cease to exist.