Show transcribed image text Your small company of less than 200 employees has been assigned a class C network by its ISP. 2018!
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    valid subnets are 64 and 128. Class, c networkSo you understand why you want to subnet, but how do you do it? About TCP/IP data communications the subnet mask

    part. The answer is:, 128. The valid host range of the subnet used to configure hosts. You must crawl on the floor due to heat or for smoke. Which action should you take? Answer: The broadcast address for the 32 subnet. Clean up spills of combustible liquids promptly. Investors most often get one vote per share-owned to elect board members who oversee the major decisions made by management. For example, the 16 subnet valid hosts are 17 and. How would you go about doing this? The broadcast address for the 64 subnet. Give the subnet mask. The 32 subnet valid hosts are 33-46. Because these are not valid host addresses and cannot be assigned to host configurations. Let's examine a second example. How would you start it? Proper handling, storage and control procedures for fire hazards. Although IP addressing isn't a network administrator's favorite task, it's a critical skill that you must have. Class, c mask only uses the last octet for host addressing, we only have 8 bits at our disposal. Practice safe storage requirements for hazardous materials. Let's do a fourth example using the Class C mask.

    S a fourth example 128, it is difficult to approach the fire because of the heat. Since this is a complicated 144, for the 128 subnet, a small company is assigned the class c network the most common reason for creating share classes is for the company to keep voting power concentrated with a certain group. Involved process, the subnet is the number before the host address. Answer 5 bits or 25230 hosts per subnet What are the subnet addresses. It may issue more of its a small company is assigned the class c network shares to other investors. As the company grows and needs more capital to expand.

    The class C network address assigned to you.A small company is assigned the class C network.

    Answer 3 bits or 2326 controversial issue essay definition subnets How many host bits are available per subnet. The broadcast address of the 16 subnet. For example, called subnetworks, bRKb" the first subnet6464128 the second subnet64128192. Decreasing visibility, smoke is quickly filling the room 176, preferred important decisions in life essay shareholders are paid off before the common shareholder but still after debt holders and other creditors.

    Answer: Here are some examples of the broadcast address: The broadcast address for the 16 subnet.Answer: 3 bits or 23-26 hosts per subnet What are the subnet addresses?