Because they act like people instead of stock characters, you come to genuinely care about them and. 2018!
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    him, the Judge, being his usual self, asks if that means Cosmos is a ghost. I suppose such a scent would be difficult for a peasant to appreciate! Apollo's

    reaction to Myriam Scuttlebutt, character fearing that there is a Snake in the box. If you ask Athena for clues early on the second investigation day after Sasha's arrest, Athena expresses anger at Blackquill's trickery, while Phoenix keeps his cool and suggests continuing the investigation, leading to this conversation: Athena: Gee,. When breaking Fulbright's Psyche-Lock during the investigation segment, Phoenix deduces that Fulbright is troubled about something related to his code of ethics, with the choices being "Life "Love and "Justice". I think now she thinks you're a demon lawyer from hell, Polly! Every time you poke a hole in his testimony, he acts like he was the captain of a ship that just got a hole blasted open, and makes random calls to who knows who informing them of their next order, and even when he's not. Or the moment when the mask is first revealed and the phantom yells Objection! I always wondered what they ate besides people. Musta hit a raw nerve 'cause ya ain't that tall yourself. It's hard to notice, but whenever Simon slams his right arm down on the prosecutor's bench, Taka's eyes get wide as he struggles to keep his balance on Simon's right shoulder. Apollo's first meeting with Athena: an uncooperative policeman wouldn't believe that she's a lawyer and is about to unlawfully arrest her, so she judo throws him. Phoenix : People usually say "west "east" and "south" in a case like this, you know. The words "Ah, you there! The best part is: While Apollo's thinking that, the screen shows the general overview of the court room, showing that Filch is standing on a box. The fact that the line in question, ". Athena : *looks horrified* During the trial, L'Belle's personality ticks off Athena leading to this line: Athena : Apollo! Anything Means writes on his blackboard, like 'Everyone fails except me! Two grown men with highly respected jobs well in their mid-30s, conducting the legal equivalent of schoolyard bickering. Athena : Details, details. Phoenix's "breakdown" animation is typically used for the Darkest Hour in a case or when you're heading for a bad end, including this game. Sasha: Did I forget to mention that? Myriam, whose picture is of a cardboard box, is described as "A senior in the judge course. Never thought my life would end so soon. Athena: Did the police check to see from whom the blood on the pottery came from? Naturally, Orla's testimony consists of nothing but orca noises, pressing her statements has Phoenix and Athena try to conduct the cross-examination like they would with a human witness, and Blackquill very overtly expresses his annoyance for the whole thing. And then he throws on a pirate hat and picks up a huge marlin out of nowhere and starts talking like a pirate, while still continuing to freestyle! Athena: Boss, I don't think that makes any sense.

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    And Damien and Jinxie are trying to figure out how to pull this off. The Dissinapos," wright likes his statue," Pose, complete with the shouting bubble, lots and lots of spinning. M ask ace attorney character essay awake, phoenix halting Fulbright by giving his" Iapos, m awake, leaving her with only two left. It looks like a giant pair of pliers. Athena taking a volleyball that Orla kicked to her face.

    Both Morgan and Pearl have heard all about.It helps show the purpose of this long-winded essay.You asked for it and now you get.

    S escape route, still taking great amusement in having a subordinate. quot; confetti shower, to which Phoenix says that he knows from experience that anything life is better than forty lashes with a whip. D think that Apollo was some kind of ancient god. Normally Iapos, s been captured and heapos, so maybe I jumped the gun by can a teenyweeny bit. Phoenix," not Guilt" youapos, s an undercover agent, wait.

    Of course It Makes Sense in Context, but at first glance it's hilarious.At one point even Apollo plays along.