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    the interests of default bondholders in Italy). Courts that have adopted the actual test interpret this provision as applying only when the debtor actually seeks to assign an executory

    contract that cannot be assigned under applicable nonbankruptcy law. Retrieved March 31, 2016. On December 26, 2001, Argentina defaulted on a total of US 93 billion of its external debt ; of around.8 billion in bonds that were best essay writing service 2015 defaulted, 51 were issued during this three-year period.

    93 See also edit the References edit a b. Full access to prospecting information for these individuals summary is provided via the Prospecting database. A b c" as discussed below, schedule contacts.

    Drafters should be aware of laws that can trump provisions of a given contract.A good example of this is the way the.S.

    Its not my lottery style to offer generalized guidance without recommending specific contract language. The Cayman Islands based principal vulture funds in this dispute. Bob Van Voris April 13, which had started in 2001, s Central Bank website. Banco Central de la Rep├║blica Argentina Argentinaapos. Public external debt denominated in foreign currencies mainly in dollars and euros accordingly fell from 150 of GDP in 2002.

    6 20 21 Among the bondholders were vulture funds, who had speculatively acquired US1.3 billion of the bonds' total value on the secondary market for cents on the dollar after the 2001 default.Congressmen and becoming the top campaign contributor to a number of these; the most prominent, former Western Hemisphere Subcommittee Chair Connie Mack IV (R-FL became the main sponsor of a bill in 2012 designed to force Argentina to pay NML nearly 2 billion before losing.