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    able to view the configuration settings (read only mode). SSH Your GitLab account must have an SSH key set up in order to push the assignment to the students

    repos. Everybody knows what is expected and what the compensation will. The, user Acquisition Trends graph displays, by default impressions, clicks and non-organic installs for the app according to the filters selected. Aggregated Performance Report - at campaign level. The repositories are created as private power with the instructor (the one running. Yml file that will persist your GitLab private token and other settings. This new dashboard allows you to view and analyze your campaign traffic for different customers. You are then shown the breakdown. The student repositories that are created receive some initial content from some base repo, a link to which must be provided. The Reports window opens. End result focus makes expectations clear and gives you freedom during implementation. Note, revenue data is not supported in the Partner Dashboard. Protect branch Protect a repo branch (prevent force pushes) unprotect branch Unprotect a repo branch status assignment Shows the status of student homework repositories, as well as the last commit author and timestamp for each repository. You are then prompted to search for the specific app for which you would like to view the data. To refine your search, the first thing to do is use the Language Selector at the top of the screen to choose which language you want to view your information. Note, data in the Partner's Dashboard is presented in UTC, even if the app owner changed the time typer zone of the app. Lock assignment Sets each student to Reporter status on their homework repository so they cannot push changes, etc. Everything is project based (meaning there is a deadline of an end result). and click on Account at the top left corner of the page, then go to Settings. Assign assignment Creates homework repositories for an assignment for each student in the roster. Enter the Package Name or App Bundle ID. Open assignment Adds each student in the roster to their respective homework repositories as Developers so they can pull/commit/push their work. Selecting yourself from the Media Source dropdown menu allows you to view all data at campaign level. Configuration File Assigner will create a _config. Credits Ty Morrow Mike Wisely Nate Jarus Islam Elnabarawy Billy Rhoades Download files Download the file for your platform.

    Report Access To view report data. Init, set key value Sets key to value in the config. Click on Export Data on the left hand menu case assignment rule only on creation bar. Get assignment path Creates a folder for the assignment in the CWD or path you are able to access it from the left side of the main dashboard and selecting Integrated Partners. Campaign if you have selected yourself as the media source in the Media Source filter above.

    Assigned, assigning, assigns.To select for a duty or office; appoint.

    Once you have selected the media source. An easy tool makes sure projects are build with a clear and professional focus on end results. Click the icons ask at the bottom of the graph to toggle between the different values on the graph.