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    one tells him to becareful of Macduff. She pours words imto his ears and gives him reason upon reason at why he should not shrink from what he

    has undertaken. He immediately forgets about his other two titles and thinks to himself: Present. In the play Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, the central character, Macbeth, is a good archetype of greed and ambition, downfall however, he has many forces which are supernatural influences, Lady Macbeth, the witches and Macbeth himself. He knows that killing Duncan is wrong because he decides not to do it an Act 1 Scene 7, but Lady Macbeth talks him into. Lady Macbeth attempts to calm the Lords but feel it is best if they leave. Due to the essence of Macbeths downfall it would be formidable to blame a specific person for his downfall. Macbeth can be ruthless and cold-blooded. However, Macbeth has a mind of his own, and he knew what was right for him and what was wrong. He is praised highly by the captain who describes the bravery and brutality of Macbeth towards Scotlands enemies: he unseamed him from the nave to th chops. Many people believe that fate is what you make out. Lady Macbeth dismisses his delusions and ordrs him to return the daggers.

    In this literary tragedy, he broads on how his fears that Banquos descendants will become kings. An example of his new character occurred when he killed King Duncan. His conscience is one of the primary courses of his downfall. By this time Macbeth senses that the witches prediction are legitimate.

    Macbeth, despite influences of the witches and Lady.Or is, macbeth the only one responsible for his.Who is to Blame for.

    Who is responsible for macbeth's downfall essay

    And remaining powerful, writing if I say sooth, therefore. By doing this Macbeths fate changed and he no longer had a happy and successful life and future ahead of him. I must report they were as cannons overcharged with double cracks. She is its an avid woman and is prepared to do anything to attain greatness.

    When the sergeant who reports the battle news says, For brave Macbeth well he deserves that name Disdaining fortune, with his brandishd steel, Which smoked with bloody execution, Like valours minion carved out his passage till he faced the slave; Macbeth is highly praised because.The witches predict that Macbeth shalt be king hereafter (1.3.53) without giving him specific details of how it is going to happen.