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    community college on the ass and shouted "go team" at him. I am sure my transition will be just as unforgiving: One second I'll be doing homework and thinking about watching a movie, the next, making hotel reservations with my horse-faced secretary, whose beauty seems to grow at the exact same rate as my wife's thighs. I'm told I have to say this is a joke if I mention it, so please keep in mind that I was kidding and I would in no way appreciate free money from total strangers. In honor of my 24th birthday I've gone to the trouble of compiling a list of the 24 coolest things I've ever done. But, if you want to lock in a crazy good deal, check this out. Won first prize in a pep rally "school spirit" contest hamid by taking pictures of players from the opposing team, cutting their heads out, and sticking them on styrofoam "stakes". Women my age are starting the brutal trek from 24 to 25, where even the hottest coed suddenly forgets how to wear makeup and can't go three sentences without using the term "my kid".

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    One of the most exciting things I ve ever done was when I travelled on my own.Italy to present my work at an international conference.

    The most exciting thing i ve ever done essay

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