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    others alike, excite the English. No one would even talked to Merrick at first simply because he was ugly, but once they got to know him they saw that

    he was actually a beautiful person. The actor has to express himself through his actions deeply in order for the audience to understand the severeness of hid deformities. These people look like they are being considerate, but the only two who honestly how to include an appendix in an essay care are Madge Kendal and Princess Alexandra. Treves took Merrick out of the carnival and gave him a home in a hospital in London. Pomerance became fairly successful as a play write. The disabled people are merely objects for their owners (16) revenue, which is why John is afraid to go back to Bytes. The rules are meant to help us, and they do, but in the end conformity strips of our individuality and destroys our uniqueness.

    For him to find a place in society where his horrid appearance will not cause people to gawk at him mercilessly. Simply with respectable intentions, do the Pin Heads even exist or is Merrick dreaming. He suffered from the a genetic disorder known as nevrotibromatosis.

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    no simulation input file assignment specified Fredrick Treves is Johns friend258 and Treves demonstrates this when he invites John to his home for tea. Later a man took him in and brought him to a carnival were he was a side freak show. John Merrick states this best when he says. He founded the Foco Nove Theater group.

    The people in England lead John to believe that he is worthless and that he will never find love.In 1980 The Elephant Man was made into a movie.Because the hospital was caring for such a person, they received large contributions.