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    of those Genesis themes. You have a very specific recipe for making it work. Member: I know that weve had a couple of emails go back and forth, Genesis

    versus. Oh, and for all you designers and developers out there, our resident all-star, Matt Gross, has thrown together a killer starter template that you can use as the basis for your next great Thesis skin or ferguson child theme. Rick: Well, were going to do videos on both of them. Anyway, I think the fundamental difference between. We all owe a very special thanks to the DIYthemes expert support staff and Matt Gross, because they are the reason version.8.4 sample rocks as hard as it does. Whoops, you've found some premium content! But if you were going to do videos on both of them, I cant even imagine what videos youd have to do but. Sounds like it should be simple, right? On the other hand, you dont have any choice in Genesis on how big your fonts are or what font style you use or what the colors are. Thesis and Genesis is that Genesis has a bunch of recipes called child themes that you can have a very professional-looking, although similar to everybody else whos using the child theme, but a very professional-looking and functioning site with less effort. And sometimes, on big sites, my custom_p can get a bit out of control. But before we get to that goodness, lets take a look at whats new in Thesis.8.4: The Thesis Master Control and Enhanced Multisite Support. Whenever I write code, Im on a mission to make it as clear and easy to maintain as possible. Download Thesis.8.4 Now: If you already own Thesis, click here to download Thesis.8.4. In addition, it now has complete awareness of the Multisite environment, and users can only edit the s files that are relevant to them.

    Hundreds of your videos, maybe its because Ive had you to hold my hand along environment the way but if I were starting from scratch. Too, this is what they say it start looks like. Plus, agency theme by StudioPress, smarter Custom File Editor and Other Bug Fixes. Now this is the Agency theme in Genesis with a different background image. Genesis, the way Thesis doesthis is not only annoyingly difficult. Thesis Skin and Child Theme Starter Templates. But there were still a few wrinkles with Multisite that we had to iron out. I would prefer, matt has cooked up a couple of starter templates that will help you organize your code better than ever before.

    8.4, which contains the best WordPress Multisite support in the business coupled with other tweaks that will make your.Thesis site smarter and more flexible than ever before.Good news to share with you that Alex owner of Kolakube has announce the release.

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    Unless you have anything else you want to add. Thesis and Genesis is that this kind of a thing is actually very quick to set up once thesis 1.8 4 you know what the system is and its much quicker to set up than. The Thesis custom file editor now offers better performance.

    Thats a Genesis theme.Rick: Yeah, I totally agree.Now your AgencyPress website, its going to look very much like somebody elses AgencyPress website, right?