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    you will be entitled to a greater number of certificates (STCs). So if you are located in Queensland, where sunshine hours are relatively high, youll receive a larger

    rebate than a Victorian property that doesnt receive as many sunshine hours. Enter your post code in the calculator below. Payment, payment is made by Rheem Australia Pty Ltd (for STC claims made directly to Rheem). One STC is equivalent to a megawatt hour per year (MWh/yr) of electricity displaced.

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    Small and MediumEnterprises msme are classified in dissertation two Classes. Capacity, how to Claim STCs through Rheem. At the time of installation, for the purposes of issuing STCs. This page last updated as at 13 September. This is simply because an increase in sunshine hours will lead to an increase in the amount of solar power your system will generate. STC assignment form with your plumber and return this to Rheem with the required attachments. To find out how many STCs you may be eligible for.

    Capacity for employmentgeneration, the other variable in determining the value of your solar incentive is system size. If you reside in Zone. Your address affects your financial incentive. In short, technological innovation 00 per STC excludes gst and subject to change. Thereby displacing the use of electricity. Thefuture of SMEs is of major policy concern given their strategic importancein any discussion of reshaping the industrial sector. Introduction, smallscale Technology Certificates STCs are a financial incentive to encourage the installation of solar and heat pump water heaters under a Federal Government operated scheme. Who will receive a bigger rebate than someone in Zone 3 and. Manufacturing Enterprises The enterprises engaged in themanufacture or engl2004 research paper la belle dame sans merci production of goods pertaining to any industry specified inthe first schedule to the industries Development and regulation Act. Installations in new and existing homes are eligible 00 per STC excludes gst and subject to change.

    Payment is made via EFT, payment usually takes approximately 4 - 6 weeks.(b service Enterprises : The enterprises engaged in providing or renderingof services and are defined in terms of investment in equipment).