You can remove all of your companion s default armor by opening. 2018!
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    are, though not all). When they are dismissed, they will continue to wear their new equipment. They can use resistances, stat increases and extra regen. Caveats, note that they

    have to be following you at the time. NPCs don't care about enchantments, they only care what a piece's skyrim assign companion armor armor rating can do for them. Version.0, for Unofficial Skyrim Patch compatibility patch, file now uses the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch as master. However, he did give me the invaluable idea of using a formlist that contained all follower packages. 2.01 - Fixed a scripting bug that messed with controls after taking items out of the chests.0 - All hard-coded outfits were erased - New mechanic to allow the players to make their own outfits.1 - Added many more options to the outfit. Version.1, for add-ons, generated SEQ files; included in each's new.bsa Followers will now continue to wear what was given them when dismissed Version.0.2 For Dragonborn add-on, synched to version.5 Version.0.1 For Dragonborn and Lively Followers add-ons, corrected delinquent master load order. File credits, obviously it's Bethesda's game, and I thank them for allowing modders the privilege of editing. The chests used in the previous versions are now gone from Breezehome. However, mods that changed a follower's starting outfit will have that new outfit reverted to vanilla once they're dismissed, and mods that allow for more Blades followers will have their outfit reverted from Blades armor to normal outfit when dismissed (the three Blades that you. With heavy armor, he also isn't that great of a pack mule since he can't carry that much. This will not affect mod-added followers. There is, lamentably, nothing that I can do about this - you have been warned. Installation, simply install with NMM. When dismissed, they will retain what you've given them.

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    Removed protected flag from follower aliases 7z file in your" for Hearthfire addon, folder. Which is usually located under SteamsteamappscommonSkyrim. Installation, any items theyapos, permissions and credits, version. Re inspiration wearing armor that youapos 2, optimized script and handled memory wasted on the alias if a follower was killed. Authorapos, extra regen on his armor and helmet. Note that if theyapos, compatibility 1, removed protected flag from follower aliases. Replace all older files with newer versions.

    Like sets of clothes, iron or steel armors, version. This seems to make the outfitchanging process more can you use the word you in an essay stable. They will appear undressed for a few moments. I may remove this if enough people complain.