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    when Nyx confronts her, she says that she had to do it to "keep her mouth shut". Furthermore, the Chancellor reveals that he's the one who orchestrated the implantation

    of the organic chips, and has Fives hunted down and ultimately killed before Fives can reveal the truth to the Jedi. Brannigan even brags about how he defeated an army of killbots by sending wave after wave of redshirts at them until the killbots exceeded their kill limit. However, even that necromorphs are more resilient to body shots than dismembering, they CAN be killed that way, it just needs a lot of firepower (about whole ammunition clip, depends on difficulty). Oblivion (2013) : Aside from Sergeant Sykes and a female subordinate, the Scavenger soldiers are wiped out to a man during the second drone attack on their base, to the point of only Sykes and his subordinate are left to fight off the much bigger. Nyx takes this as an indication that Rebecca has murdered the young girl to silence her, and understandably freaks out. They're actually competant, just massively, massively outmatched by their Kryptonian opponants, a bunch of invunerable soldiers with Super Strength, Super Speed and highly advanced weaponry and technology. Precisely half of it is destroyed when Robb defeats and captures Jaime. Arguably the worst was giving Scully an inoperable tumor that spelled a slow and painful death for a season (until a cure is found by Mulder's snooping ways, of course). Bond, I Expect You to Dine situation with a bunch of the villain's underlings joining the villain and the hero for the eponymous dinner. In write Grisaia no Rakuen the designer of the Thanatos system had a little accident after he tried selling the system to the terrorist Heath Oslo. Odsts are known for their unusual methods of insertion, dropping from orbit onto terrestrial environments. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift : This, coupled with Protectorate issues, turns out to be the big motivation behind Captain Hazama's attempt on the life of Makoto Nanaya in Jin's story. If anyone is wondering why the pit trap death is silly, it was located in the middle of a corridor, activated when Lone Wolf unlocks the door at the end. In the Ski Lodge case, this was the reason for Minako Mochizuki's murder: she found out that two of her three favorite teachers were involved in a fraud, so she tried to confront them. Diane Ames gets killed for similar reasons, after the previous character gave them more knowledge. The exceptions to this are his sister (whom he considers his "other self General Wolf, and. The undercover cops and the swat team in the big hospital shootout later on, however, do hold their own quite satisfactorily despite losing a good portion of their number and get the hostages out while Tequila and Alan kick serious ass.

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    Rific and Shelly are surprisingly not a Red Shirt Army. Itapos, the human footmen in WarCraft die in droves every time they show up on screen. They do much better than the resistance. Soldier 3, jim Raynor spends the rest of the franchise on a vendetta for what Mengsk did to Kerrigan. Casote FOR mercy here, oral presentation example essay is" merlin then proceeds to kill every enemy there to prevent anyone from talking about his arrival. S up to VentAile to bail them en again.

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    Very plausible example from The Rock.In a movie about the presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio's assassination in Tijuana called Colosio: El Asesinato, the main character is a police officer who works undercover and is asked by the president's former brother-in-law José Francisco Ruiz Massieu to investigate the murder.The agent insists that Blake be deposed of as he could expose his role.