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    managers form strategies to achieve goals and objectives and achieve competitive advantage. (Walker Fairless, 2015) Task 4 a) Discuss three roles and responsibilities, and three business activities that

    are necessary for proper implementation of the selected strategy. Market share analyses are used to evaluate the market position of the company through the sales analysis of the company, what percentage of the customers is consuming the product and services of a particular company. This pattern moulds the behavior, response and aptitude depending on culture of an organization. The middle level of management would be responsible for data analysis and report presentation that has been gathered from market research and stakeholder mapping. This is determined by: Stars: where products have strong growth and market share. The last step in strategic planning process is to monitor the progress of strategy to recognize its developments, need for improvements and overall reviews. Then it identifies, quantifies, and subtracts all the negatives, the costs. The managers have to anticipate the changing needs of the customers through effective market, customers, competitors, and internal external environment analysis, and formulate strategies to achieve strategic targets through quality enhancement of goods and services meeting the changing needs and wants of the customers. Enriched British culture is a strong element of their products and they have global reach with outlets located in Asia, Europe, US and Australia. Stakeholders can be described as individuals and groups who are affected by the activities. "Strategic Planning Essay.". Although the company recorded profits of over 1 billion in 19, there was a 23 per cent drop in profits in November 1998. Step 2: starts beginning with supplier seeking which is allocated 17 days time. It is also important for an organization to be able to assess the power of these groups to influence events and the attitudes of the most powerful groups individuals. Debenhams is highly committed to have strategic workforce, which has been developed through training, knowledge sharing, has approach to anticipate the changes in external and internal environment, and meet the changing needs and wants of the customers, creating value for shareholders customers and other stakeholders. ANZ is presently joined over 33 nations and gives world class learning open doors and convincing vocational pathways for its kind. In August, ANZ acquired the retail units of RBS in Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia as well as Hong Kong. Debenhams has developed an effective strategic human resource management system, in which training is provided to the managers to from effective strategies to achieve competitive advantage. Examples, Amazon e-books hold market dominance but low growth. Debenhams is meeting fast growing needs of the customers and are now well aware of the health and safety issues, and has achieved high standards of quality, health and safety in their goods and services. Strategy can be seen as an on going positioning process for an organization and strategic planning can be seen as a separate activity reviewed at periodic well- defined intervals. Last step is material procurement which is given 16 days and after all set up is prepared, production process begins to operate. As strategy is basically a business directional plan so its role is to provide focus or define its approach in a competitive way. Serving with right assignment need at right time and place! The three workers currently doing the stamping by hand can be replaced. Example, the competitive advantage of automotive parts Distributor Company is its market reliability for quality excellence at relatively low costs. Place an order Conclusion From this discussion it can be concluded that strategies are vital for recognizing and utilizing every business input judiciously so that growth objectives of a business are met with long term sustainability, high productivity, performance and profitability. Strategy involves achieving a competitive advantage for an organization in meeting the needs of customers and fulfilling the expectations of stakeholders.

    Example, anticipate changes in external environment, aNZ employs 48000 people worldwide and values their history assignment questions employees as their critical asset in business development. The success of strategies lies over working of employees and supervisors who are at the lower end of the hierarchy. Decide to declaration of authenticity dissertation run the numbers and do a cost benefit analysis. Teams utilize their full potential to achieve goals and objectives of the organization efficiently and effectively.

    Planning should be creative process, from 2004 TO 2013 it simultaneously operated two distinct brand names in New Zealand. Strategy, aNZ was declared as the most sensible bank in 2008 according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Allocation and distribution of resources, mission and Vision StatementPurpose of an organization and future desired market position. We will write a custom essay sample on Strategic Planning Assignment strategic planning assignment sample specifically for you. These are done by mergers or acquisitions.

    Kraaijenbrink, J, 2010: The Resource Based View: A Review and Assessment of its Critiques 2010: Journal of Management 2010: vol, 36, no-1 pages 349-372.Example, for this distributor, strategy is positioned on low price differentiation with good quality as advantage over rivals.