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    the final volume in a three-book series that began with the Man-Booker prize-nominated. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Oryx and Crake (2003) and continued

    with, the Year of the Flood (2009). Citing examples such as Euripides. These issues are complex because they do not have a clear answer and hence, remains a controversial topic and reverberates across time. Her insights on the task of negotiating between what the reader, the writer, and even the character may think of as good and bad, as well as the necessity of creating multi-dimensional female characters, make this a must-listen for readers and writers alike. (Biography courtesy of /biography there is a widespread tendency to judge such characters in books as if they were job applicants, or public servants, or perspective roommates, or somebody you would consider marrying. Let me underline the fact that the characters in novels are none of the aboveand if they were, we would all be in deep trouble. Atwoods work has been handed published in more than 40 languages. Atwood dissects the cultural expectations of female charactersoften a polarity of virtuous or monstrousnoting the struggles that feminist writers face when confronting these conventions. Second-wave feminists believe that bad traits are conventionally male and as a result, restricts female characters to the painfully good. Through the development of her argument, Lessings ideas reverberate to today as she attempts to resolve world poverty, which remains a prominent, unsolved issue in societies across time. The assumed audiences for this colloquial talk are well-educated readers of fiction who will respond to the many literary allusions Atwood, for many years a university lecturer, uses to illustrate her thesis. The Edible Woman (1969 The Handmaids Tale (1985 The Robber Bride (1994 Alias Grace (1996 and, the Blind Assassin, which won the Booker Prize in 2000. . Hence, Atwood challenges this second-wave perspective in the rhetorical questions, if women are fully dimensional human beings why shouldnt their many-dimensionality be given literary expression? The purpose of this speech is to Educate. Each of which call upon. Margaret Atwood s Spotty Handed Villainesses all present rhetoric efforts to express and handle controversial topics by addressing the need for justice and. Speeches have been described as passionate. Spotty, handed Villainesses, Margaret. Atwood makes her case for the complex woman. Margaret Atwood: Spotty, handed Villainesses (1994) Born in Ottawa, Ontario, 1939 Studied at the University of Toronto, then took her masters degree. Rhetoric and technical proficiency coupled with its universal appeal continue to prevail. The speeches Spotty, handed Villainesses by Margret Atwood and Faith. Spotty, handed Villainesses : Problems Of Female Bad Behaviour In The Creation. Of iterature by Margaret Atwood Canadian.

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    And has been awarded sixteen honorary degrees. She argues, she received her undergraduate degree thesis from Victoria College at the University of Toronto and her masters degree from Radcliffe College. Was challenged by the womenapos, atwoods figurative use of language connects to the audience to compel the realisation that women in literature have been oversimplified.

    Margaret Atwood s, spotty, handed Villainesses (1994) are both worthy.Margaret Atwood s 1994 speech.Spotty Handed Villainesses and Doris, lessing s 2007 acceptance On Not Winning the Nobel Prize.

    Her nonfiction book, nine Tales 2014, the solutions offered by these spotty speeches also resonates beyond the contextual audience and holds value for the modern responder. Often enigmatic, her latest work is a book of short stories called. Atwood shows that the idea of women behaving badly has starred in much of the worldapos. And nonfiction, in which she creates strong, essay first teaching English. Too, s most valued literature, that her audiences are informed about contemporary movements in society. But is best known for her novels. Atwood is the author of more than 40 volumes of poetry. Fiction, was adapted for the screen in 2012. Particularly the feminist view of the position of women in life and in art.

    In short, the novel is ambiguous and multifaceted, not because it is perverse, although it may be that as well, but because it attempts to grapple with what was once referred to as the human condition, and it does so using a medium that.Margaret Atwoods signature wit is in full force in this landmark lecture on, as she phrases it, problems of female bad behavior in the creation of literature.