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    balcony scene rises even above these brilliant flashes and is indelibly etched in our memories. It has been said that Juliet, "abandoned even by religion (in the person. Romeos

    first words to describe Juliet are bsbfia301 assessment task 1 assignment about light: O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright! 641 words - 3 pages, baz Luhrmann's 1996 adaptation of William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" contains many different camera techniques like camera angles/movements, costumes, props and soundtracks to clearly identify the different aspects and attitudes of every mera and angle movements play a great role. Were not I thine only nurse, I would say thou had suck'd wisdom from thy teat. Another trick she pulls is braiding the manes of horses during the night, which tangles their hair. In Act I, scene iv, Mercutio is introduced as he and Romeo and Benvolio set off together to crash a party at the Capulet's house. Mercutio is smart and he realizes that at this point Romeo is more in love with the idea of being in love than that he is really in love. This creates a link between Rosaline and darkness because Diana is the Roman goddess of the moon, which appears at night and thus is connected. The Nurse is absent from the tomb scene that concludes the play, but Friar Laurence refers to her as a witness who is privy to the story that he tells to the Prince. It is a "lamentable" day, the Nurse raves on, stressing not the tragedy of Juliet's death but the pain that this event evokes for herself. Returning to the play's opening scene, following a crowd of citizens shouting, "Down with the Capulets. The structure of Structure of II, ii,.142-157, is, in fact, that of another sonnet broken and misshapen by the Nurse's interjections, but Juliet leaves before the final rhyming couplet is spoken by Romeo as "Love goes toward love, as schoolboys from their books/But love. Meanwhile, Romeos melancholy at Rosalines rejection and his desire to avoid light leads him to want to be a torchbearer at the Capulet ball in Act I, scene iv: Give me a torch. 53-58.) Yet Mercutio also blends into the tragic tone of the play when his approaching death prevents him from maintaining his humorous facade: Rom. Then I see Queen Mab hath been with you. The camera also focuses on his skills with the gun. The comic aspect of the feud is reinforced when Old Capulet arrives in person in his gown, calls to his wife for a "long sword" and is punctured roundly when she tells him that a crutch is all that he can handle at his advanced. For courtiers, or members of the royal court, Queen Mab brings dreams that they will receive money in order to bribe officials and gain power in court. She is willing to speak of her love rather than coyly denying. When Romeo runs to his cell after killing Tybalt, Friar Laurence acknowledges that Romeo does indeed have bad luck: Affliction is enamored of thy parts, / And thou art wedded to calamity (III, iii. The elements of mise en scene are: why things are placed where they are; what the characters are.

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    Juliet responds equally ardently to Romeo. He does not dance or even exchange witty remarks with his closest friend Mercutio. Light and dark are linked with the protagonists early in the play. I warrant, for this world, independent research papers for sale employee engagement namely the glory of boundless power. New mutin" that will cause blood to flow in the streets of Verona. Other characters in the play believe in the power of fate as well. It best agrees with night III. The Chorus tells us of an" However, if love be blind, there remains only one action to take. That I might touch that cheek.

    And therefore becomes more beneficial than daylight. No one makes Juliet been take the potion. Darkness allows the love of Romeo and Juliet to shine as brightly as the sun.

    She moves from obedient child and innocent little girl to an independent young woman who is committed in trust and devotion to her love.All of these characters will get what they dream oflove, support, or battlebut none will be happy for getting their wish by the end of the play.Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love And I'll no longer be a Capulet remains strong and practical, increasingly so during the course of the play.