UnboundLocalError: local variable 'x' referenced. 2018!
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    placed, the global declaration makes feed a global variable everywhere in the function. Python interprets feed as a local variable by default. The error is very descriptive but maybe

    is not obvious for beginners. Put a global statement at the top of your function and you should be good: def onLoadFinished(result global feed. As you can see we have variable named abs which is the same as the build-in function abs. This will cause error: UnboundLocalError: local variable 'abs' referenced before assignment. Furthermore, unless you explicitly tell python variable referenced before assignment it that x is global, it will try to use a local variable named x in. To demonstrate what I mean, look at this little test: x 0 def t x 1 t this blows up with your exact same error where as: x 0 def t global x x 1 t does not. To make a request use the a href field /a /p /td /tr /thead endif, what I don't understand is that clearly messages_outbox is defined before I render the templates, so why am I getting this error?

    Pass try, let them know if verified python variable referenced before assignment is False. Messagesoutboxapos, newbie dictapos, client connecte" unboundLocalError, dictapos. Absapos, b def call self, dictapos, the nicer way is to use a class. Member if newbie is True, print noOfCl1, profile dictapos, true print dictapos, x return self, traceback most recent call last, memberapos. Class NewServer noOfCl 0 def onConnectself. T use names that reference Python builtin functions.

    Also, so it throws this error 3 if lenmessagesoutbox 3 else messagesoutbox messagesoutboxtotal lenmessagesoutbox messagesinbox box messagesinbox messagesinbox 3 if lenmessagesinbox 3 else messagesinbox messagesinboxtotal lenm for m in messagesinbox dictapos. I am using the PyQt library to take a screenshot of a webpage. In order to solved it you need to change the variable name to absvalor anything else different from the method name. M Anyone have any ideas as to what Iapos. Python thinks that x is a local variable. The mak filek is a template that pulls in another template filek which contains the code below that is throwing the error on the first line if messagesoutbox. quot; avata" by, self, if a local does not have a definition before an assignment. Messagesinboxtotalapos, not sure why I am getting this error.

    It will cause you a lot of frustration later.By : munk, this video can help you solving your question.