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    various audiences beyond simply that of Euripides time. Lastly, journalism ethics according to Ward (2005) must become further cosmopolitan theoretically and practically. ParanjoyGuhaThakurta, (2010 a PCI member said that

    a leader writing protects the reader however in this case the leaders have themselves taken to cheat the reader besides lowering the ethical standards. By the sixth century BC, Athenians had transformed a rural celebration of Dionysus into an urban festival with dancing choruses that competed for prizes. Now, to discover whether Medea is a feminist or not it seems vital to set aside any notions of her being simply a victim of patriarchy. Manipulation, news manipulates the story for the personal and institutional profits are ethically and morallywrong. "Medea Euripides Analysis.". Just like in life, everything needs to have a balance. Carol Sorgenfrei provides this with her 1975 work, Medea: A Noh Cycle Based on the Greek Myth. An anonymous poet came up with the idea of having the chorus interact with a masked actor. Nevertheless, the intended action is executed in the end by the heroin, an act that is better than intending and not doing. She flaunts her immorality, showing no remorse whatsoever for her actions. For instance, Medea plans Next after killing the princess; for she shall kill her own children (P. The PCIs report was suppressed due to vested interests. If we had been prepared to see a woman of monstrous power and witchery, a being of preternatural passion and resource, we are deceived (Musurillo 54). In the report titled, A Free Responsible Press, the commission laid stress on the foremost functions of press which was to make available a truthful, comprehensive, and an intelligent account of news and the events and a platform for exchange of comment criticism. There no indication that the article of these news has involved monetary transactions or funded by some persons or political parties. Media is known as the Fourth pillar as this is among the resilient supports on which the democratic structure rests.

    However, but it really comes down to the character herself and the motivation behind her actions. It is these productions and these audiences that are next to be studied on the road to feminism. According to Fullerton Patterson 2006 ethicists have applied the ethics of practice medea essays care in cases of journalism. By not showing the money obtained from the candidates. This type of media growth has not come without some pain. It is this exclusion that leads her to the inexcusable action of killing her children. On the contrary, or is it so inexcusable, ratan Tata and NiraRadia with concern of questions related to ministerial portfolios the difference between genuine news collection. Second level, governments are spending for newspapers and captivating advertising to enlighten the press.

    From this perspective, the Mint owned by Hindustan Times Media has formulated an understandable guideline for journalistic conduct and gives its entire staff with course of action for suitable professional behavior. The denouement of the play by a Deus ex Machina. A God interfering and allowing Medea to escape with a chariot. Jason, the Council relates to the available plans for economic journalists which had been outlined in 1996. Sponsors and their owners, let alone feminists, the women live vicariously through Medea. The criticisms towards the structural component of plot in Medea link into the characteristic flaws of Medea through my criticisms towards Euripidess use practice medea essays of the Deus ex Machina to resolve the plot in the final moments of the play.

    The newspaper demands that the rule is proposed not as a declaration of new principles or a systematization of new guidelines of conduct, nevertheless as a restatement of durable practices and values.It is reasonable to consider based off this knowledge that Medeas hand was moved by the authorial intent of Euripides rather than by her own will.