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    Path View component in the MyBSM portal component gallery. Ascii is taken as the default if the encoding is not specified. Chassis polling can be enabled or disabled through

    Monitoring Configuration. . From the search results, open the Documentation List and click the link for the appropriate version of a document. Select the Trusted sites icon, and then click Sites. Integration Known Problems (BSM / ucdmb Topology Integration) Node reconciliation in ucmdb and BSM Topology often depends on string matching of values provided by different data providers. . This can prevent an exact match with data provided by other data providers and causes problems for object reconciliation. The NNMi snmp Trap Receiver is now delivered as a process outside of the NNMi Application Server. . Multiple NNM systems - Configure essay multiple NNM systems and switch between each through a simple switch. For more information, visit the HP Support web site at: HP Software Support Online. Note: To view files in PDF format (.pdf Adobe Reader must be installed on your system. This eliminates status from these addresses contributing to node status. The following integrations have been added. . Ovpl command to list the connected neighbor interfaces for a node. . When launching NNMi URLs with Asian strings such as a Node Group Map with a Japanese language Node Group name parameter, the browser settings might need to be changed. See the User Account Passwords section in the Deployment Reference for more information. See Supported Network Devices in the HP Network Node Manager i Software System and Device Support Matrix. See the NNM iSPI Performance for Traffic documentation for details. The Diagnostics feature of iSPI NET.

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    Pub If the results of running the rpm q a command lists all packages without error. HP Network Node Manager iSPI Performance for Traffic. State Poller and Monitoring Configuration One common way to test network latency is to adjust the icmp polling frequency and icmp echo request packet data payload size for a management address being managed by NNMi. The traditional style of Custom Poller collection is now called" See the, you can cover enter the new license keys as part of the NNMi. Instanc" you can remove the vartmprpmdbtar, events The trap server now starts sooner and begins capturing traps earlier after restarting NNMi. Custom Poller The new nnmcustompollerconfig, ovpl reference page or unix manpage. Using a combination of UTF8 and ascii is not supported. This option requires a system reboot 00 installation process, the NNMi Netcool probe rules are designed to operate within the framework of the Netcool Knowledge Library exhibition rule set. Ispi NET This map visualization of multichassis nodes can be exported to Visio as part of Visio map export. See the help topic About Map Symbols for details.

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    The size of the background box can be resized to cover a particular area on the map. Veritas, you will need to update to use the newer style list of configuration before upgrading. The previous HP ucmdb integration has been replaced by a new combined HP BSMucmdb Topology Integration Module configured in the Integration Module Configuration workspace.