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Click here Through this comparative study, the audience is able to develop an extended understanding of the ideas surrounding death.John, donnes poetry written in the 17th century and Margaret Edsons 20th century play W;t.This theme, science VS religion, has been emphasised due to the contrasts between Vivian and Donne and their context.In his Holy Sonnet, Death be not proud, Donne patronises death, and attempts to dispel the fears associated with death, reflecting the influence of his personal and historical contexts on his poetry.

The work of John Donne is complex poetic techniques that explore the spiritual, religious and metaphysical qualities of love. 2018!

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Different interpretations of his various types of literature can enlighten anyone on the subject of a physical love in contrast to a Petrarchan approach to love.
United States: Viking Books.However, through Raleigh's poem, faults in Marlowe's proposal are demonstrated as the object of lust clearly reveals that this shepherds love is of little interest and would in fact be ravaged by the continuously changing seasons of time as the promised roses would fade and.A new soul emanates from the two individual souls and makes the lover realize that love is, in its pure essence, spiritual.

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